New Video Solution for Social Distancing Compliance Announced by Prosegur USA

HERNDON, Va., (July 23, 2020) – Prosegur USA, a leader in security technology, announced a new video analytics-based solution for monitoring social distancing compliance in stores, offices and other facilities.

“Using live video feed from surveillance cameras, our analytics software can measure the distance between people and send alerts to the local staff of remote monitoring agents when social distancing is not being observed,” said David Crow, Prosegur USA’s senior vice president of commercial development. “Because the system runs continually and generally has a wider field of vision than a human, it is able to spot more violations and respond quickly by sending notifications to the staff.”

“Prosegur uses multiple video analytic software options to fit most video systems. These new analytics are compatible with most IP cameras and IP encoders, as well most analog cameras,” said Mike Dunn, Prosegur USA’s chief technology officer. “This means that it is often not necessary to install new hardware to take advantage of our new solution. In cases where hardware does need to be installed or upgraded, Prosegur USA has certified technicians throughout the country that can quickly deploy all the needed technology.”

More information about the new video analytics solution for social distancing, as well as other COVID-19 solutions from Prosegur USA, can be obtained by calling (800) 939-4995 or by emailing