Mobile Guarding

A Better Security Patrol Service

Better protection of your properties at a fraction of the usual cost

Prosegur Mobile Patrol is a perfect solution for organizations that don’t need a security guard service 24 hours a day. We combine technology and mobile security patrols to help prevent theft, vandalism, loitering and safety incidents at properties of any size.

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Thorough Inspections. Transparent Communication.

Our security officers can perform external and internal inspections, alarm response, escort services, integrity checks and more. We provide detailed daily reports, immediate incident notifications and quick response according to your protocols. 

Lower Cost Through Resource-Pooling

Prosegur Mobile Patrol is more affordable than traditional guarding because our security patrols visit and inspect your location on a rotating schedule throughout the day along with other properties we are protecting nearby. So instead of paying a security guard to be present 24-hours a day, you pay only per patrol performed, saving thousands per month.

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Online Portal for Ease of Management

Our easy-to-use online portal enables you to check on our security patrols throughout the day, run reports at any time, and even see our security officer's movement on a map.

Benefits of Prosegur Mobile Patrol

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Deterrence of crime and vandalism

The seemingly random presence of our highly-visible patrol vehicles and security officers serves as a strong visual deterrent.

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Alarm verification and response

Prosegur security officers can quickly check on alarms and respond according to your protocols.

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Risk mitigation

In addition to regular patrol duties, our officers can also check and report on any maintenance issues, anomalies or other problems noticed.

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Transparent reporting

Prosegur provides a daily activity report for each Mobile Patrol, as well as immediate incident reporting.

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Security You Can Trust

Prosegur is one of the largest security companies in the world, with presence in 31 countries, 165,000 employees and more than 45 years of experience. Every day we help organizations large and small solve their security challenges through technology, teamwork, innovation and relentless customer focus. We look forward to getting to know you and helping you achieve better security and peace of mind.

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