Security Officers in Southern California for Residential and Commercial Properties

You Now Have a New Choice in Security in Southern California. 45 Years New.

Since 1976 Prosegur has deployed thousands of security guards around the globe. We have brought our global experience to Southern California to help residential and commercial properties improve their security, make their operations simpler, and help them stay within their tight budgets.

What We Can Deliver for You

Better Officer Recruitment

We have a 20-person Talent Acquisition Team that is focused on recruiting, screening and onboarding of security officers in Southern California for our clients. Our unique hiring process involves analyzing the unique requirements of each security position, evaluating each candidate for their unique skills and affinities, then providing a perfect candidate-position match where the officer will be successful and best represent your property.

Better Officer Training

We go beyond the industry standards in officer training because we know how important the first few days and weeks are. Prosegur Security emphasizes not just security training, but also customer service training when dealing with your tenants and visitors as wells as training on procedures unique to your property.

Better Officer Retention

Longevity on the job is one of the keys to providing strong and consistent security for your building. We invest in officer benefits and recognition programs, as well as in regular engagement and communication. We want all our security officers in Southern California to feel valued and respected, which then motivates them to go over and beyond for you and your tenants.

Better Communication & Reporting

It is common in the security industry in Southern California and beyond that one program manager will have over 50 clients to manage. At Prosegur Security, our program managers average 20, giving them more time to spend with each client, learning their unique requirements and building a better relationship. Weekly and monthly reports are given; we go beyond by checking in with you regularly, not just when things go bad, but when things are going well to keep them that way.

It’s Easy to Switch to Better!

Switching from your current security provider to Prosegur is easy. We have local teams in all major cities in California, lead by Ed Newman, who’s dedicated to easily transitioning all aspects of your program: from staffing and uniforms, to policies and procedures, to training and rollout, to payroll and other paperwork. We make the process easy so that you can focus on serving your tenants and managing your building.

Talk to Us Today

To chat about your specific needs and see how we can help, please shoot us a message, or call Ed Newman (408) 650-4069. We look forward to hearing from you!