The SOCs of the future: Towards intelligent integration


Confronted with this complex world, relying on past approaches is no longer a viable option. Mere adaptation for survival and waiting for the next wave of change is not enough. What is required is an innovative vision to create a future with the advances of society. Only by understanding the evolving security requirements in a changing world can we anticipate threats and mitigate risks with a vision of sustainability.

The Security Operations Center, or SOC, is an infrastructure where a company centralizes its security functions to offer security services to other organizations, based on a set of basic functions and processes that require precise advanced technology. Every SOC is based on three fundamental functions to ensure its proper operation: preparation, monitoring, and response.

Functions and core elements of the SOC

Over the past few decades, we have witnessed exponential growth in the use of technological developments. Consequently, the world is becoming increasingly digitized, and so is the field of physical security. This means that security operations increasingly rely on advanced technological solutions, a concept coined as hybrid security by Prosegur. All of this makes it necessary that SOCs have a distinguishing "i": information of great value, of an international nature and with the capacity to integrate and innovate from an intelligent perspective.

Built on the foundation of hybrid security, iSOC solutions are born from sophisticated operational strategies based on brain function. Thus, the iSOC serves as the brain of the model, providing a very agile and realistic knowledge of what is happening in the world, and doing so in an anticipatory manner to boost response efficiency.

Functions and core elements of the SOC

This is why a SOC becomes a true iSOC when the level of integration of all its elements (technology, people, and data) is maximized and aligns with a way of working and viewing security services as a tailor-made suit. In summary, the iSOC is the paradigm of integrating diverse sources, giving rise to the concept of hybrid security. Thus, input data from guards, sensors, alarms, and cameras, to name just a few, are captured through numerous devices. They are then processed and presented (outputs) through our unique platforms (POPS, Genzai, and Connect) in the form of dashboards, mitigation actions, reports, alerts, or recommendations, enhancing competitive intelligence, products, and services.