Integrated Security Systems

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Let our team of experts assess your security needs and customize a security plan that fits perfectly with your unique requirements. At Prosegur, we're committed to delivering advanced, next-generation protection tailored for your organization.

Better Security Through Advanced Technology

Prosegur can help you strengthen your security, simplify its management, and create more value with the latest in technology.

Our Core Competencies

Network Cameras

  • Design, upgrade and maintain analog and IP systems
  • Technology-agnostic solutions make upgrades easier and costs lower
  • Advanced analytics with smart video management for intruder detection, behavioral parameters, security events and other applications


  • Capture images based on heat radiating from objects that aren’t sensitive to challenging light conditions and can see through smoke and fog
  • Some models let you remotely monitor temperatures to see if your equipment is getting close to overheating and includes early fire detection

Video Management Software

  • All-in-one video surveillance and access control from your desk or on the go
  • Quick search results with easy video export, redaction, powerful search, and automated actions
  • Maintain peace of mind with proactive alerts, mobile notifications and system health monitoring.

Access Control

  • We support all technologies including card, tag, biometrics, RFID, NFC, license plate, container readings and others
  • Special applications: Metal detection, baggage inspection, detection of explosives and prohibited substances, people screening, vehicle anchoring, anti-terrorist obstacles and other soluitions


  • Add value to your video-based security system by helping to proactively deter crime by responding immediately and intervening remotely with prerecorded or live messages
  • Improve communication and support your operations by using a single system for paging, public addresses, ads, and background music


  • Combine video surveillance, two-way communication, and remote entry in a single device for secure, hassle-free physical access to your premises
  • Easily integrate them with your existing video or audio systems, allowing for smart triggers
  • Use with open-standard hardware or software and can be connected to and powered by your exisitng IP network

Mobile Monitoring Solutions

  • Prosegur's Mobile Monitoring combines video, two-way communication, and remote access for on-the-go surveillance.
  • Easily integrates with existing video and audio systems, offering intelligent triggers and improved connectivity.
  • Compatible with open-standard hardware and software, connecting effortlessly to your IP network for streamlined security.

Remote Protective Services

  • Prosegur's Remote Protective Services offer global expertise for comprehensive asset and personnel protection.
  • Integrating cutting-edge tech ensures proactive security and swift responses.
  • Beyond traditional methods, our services provide dynamic, adaptive security with comprehensive threat assessments.

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