Hybrid Security

Combining human skill with advanced technology and real-time data analysis

Our vision of security

Experience our innovative vision of security with Hybrid Security—a holistic strategy that seamlessly integrates physical security measures and cutting-edge technological advancements. By blending these two realms, we deliver heightened protection and comprehensive risk management solutions for individuals, enterprises, and organizations empowering your business decision-making.

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Proprietary security operation and officer management tool developed by Prosegur to collect site-specific and customized data while keeping you connected at all times with our team via Prosegur CONNECT, our client portal. The collected information is integrated within the entire Prosegur Security technological infrastructure and all data is processed at our iSOC, converting it into valuable information for both the operational team and our clients.

Client portal to real-time data collected from POPS and additional data sources. With Prosegur CONNECT, clients have access to their full security program including operational information such as officer schedules, tours, incidents, and tasks carried out at each site allowing you to analyze trends and identify issues/threats affecting your business.

Proprietary technological platform managing IoT devices in which all the data accumulated on the platform will enable the creation of new solutions based on AI algorithms, allowing us to anticipate and mitigate risks by responding in the most efficient way.

The iSOC (Intelligent Security Operations Center) serves as the central hub where the three core components of hybrid security seamlessly come together. It acts as the intelligent brain that absorbs and learns from vast amounts of information, bridging people, technology, and data. Our goal is to integrate all aspects of the security program, providing the customer with substantial value to their business.

What to Expect?

  • Comprehensive Coverage: A hybrid solution that combines the best of physical security and technology, providing a wide range of protection measures to cover multiple types of threats.
  • Improved Security: Physical security integrated with technology methods that complement each other. For example, physical security can deter or prevent in-person breaches, while technology can allows us to anticipate and mitigate risks.
  • Cost-Effective: A hybrid security solution can potentially be more cost-effective than employing separate security measures, as it would be designed to work together and minimize redundancies.
  • Scalability: It allows businesses to scale their security needs up or down as needed, allowing for greater flexibility.
  • Centralized Monitoring: A hybrid solution often comes with an integrated management system, which can provide real-time alerts, risk assessments, and response measures from a single point.

People as the Priority

Our team of security professionals is connected through our
cutting-edge POPS tool, ensuring seamless access to contextualized
and categorized data. We empower our professionals with
advanced technology and comprehensive information, leveraging
a global data and intelligence model to enhance their skills.

Data as the Added Value

We ensure real-time processed information is transmitted to our customers through CONNECT, a platform designed exclusively for
program transparency. CONNECT promptly delivers critical business
insights to our customers, leveraging intelligence to anticipate and
adapt to potential events. We strive to offer valuable information
that enables proactive decision-making.

Technology as the Means

Our approach revolves around intelligent connected technology,
enabling us to gain an enhanced comprehension of the
surroundings through GenzAI. Our technology is distinguished
by its automation and autonomous protection capabilities,
empowering us to anticipate and mitigate risks promptly and

Intelligent Security Operations Center (iSOC)

The iSOC functions as the brain of the operations and serves as the
central hub where the three pillars of hybrid security seamlessly
merge. It functions as the intelligent brain that assimilates and
learns from vast amounts of information, fostering the synergy
between people, technology, and data. Our ultimate objective is to integrate all facets of the security program, delivering significant
value to our client's businesses.

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