Client Success Stories

Client Success Stories

Strengthening the Security Team for a Class A Office Complex

A Class A office complex with multiple high rise office buildings and parking structures was suffering from inconsistent staffing and vacant security posts. Since this increased security risks and negatively impacted tenant relations, the management needed to solve the problem quickly.

Improving Security at Residential Complexes

A leading residential management company was dealing with a number of issues at their properties: theft, vandalism, drug activity, loitering, noise violations and improper use of amenities. With hundreds of properties across the country, the client wanted a cost-effective and efficient security solution that would visibly reduce these problems.

Preventing Vandalism at Remote Oil Wells

A large energy company was facing growing security concerns with its remote well sites, including theft, vandalism and environmental damage. Because sites were so remote, deploying security officers was impractical and cost-prohibitive. Motion sensors and alarms were also impractical because police response would take up to an hour.

Drastically Reducing Break-Ins at Auto Storage Yards

A company with more than 150 auto storage yards throughout the U.S. was seeking improved security for their highest-risk sites. With extremely large sites (over 80 acres each) and thousands of cars, the perimeters were too large to be monitored effectively with traditional guarding services alone.

Eliminating Break-Ins at Construction Sites

A large construction company with multiple commercial job sites faced consistent security issues such as trespassing, theft and vandalism. Since all job sites were active, the client needed a technology-based solution to complement guards so they wouldn’t have to increase in-person patrols in hazardous areas.

Over 85% Reduction of Incidents Against Critical Infrastructure

A global telecommunications company was facing the challenge of securing isolated sites with valuable assets and business-critical materials. The client was also concerned with brand protection, as repeated thefts caused service disruptions affecting their reputation among their customers.

Helping Improve Security at a Power Plant

A client managing a coal-burning power plant and a secondary hydroelectric operation in the Mid-Atlantic region faced a long list of potential risks that required the site to be secured 24/7. The client was spending over $700,000 each year on its security, but wanted a more efficient and cost-effective program.

Eliminating False Alarms at Retail Stores

A retailer was experiencing a high number of false alarms and unnecessary police dispatches at its stores. This also caused the company to get hit with expensive false alarm fees. They needed a better security solution to protect their store during off-hours.

Stopping Theft at Distribution Centers

A beverage manufacturer required a security solution at several distribution centers located in the northeastern United States. Facing tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of losses from theft and vandalism, the client needed an effective security solution to catch thieves and prevent further losses.