Data Center Security

Industry’s Only Specialized Data Center Security Team

Protecting 49 U.S. data centers and over a hundred facilities abroad, Prosegur offers the most comprehensive risk management program for data centers and tech campuses in the industry.

Access Control 

Ensuring that only authorized personnel have access to each protected area of your data center, Prosegur offers industry-leading access control systems that can combine biometric, digital and video verification. Prosegur has also pioneered a unique system for detecting unauthorized presence in areas not covered by cameras or other security devices (ask us for details).

Perimeter Protection

Using advanced video analytics and 24/7 live video monitoring by our security operations center, Prosegur is able to detect, deter and react to almost any intrusion attempt at your facility. Our live audio-challenge capabilities are able to deter many would-be intruders without involving the police, while our on-premise security agents and mobile patrols can provide rapid incident response.

Airspace Monitoring

Hostile drones pose multiple threats to data centers, from espionage, to interference, to direct attacks against key support systems such as cooling, power and data transmission equipment. Prosegur already deploys hostile drone detection systems nationwide that can pinpoint the location and direction of the intruding drone, as well as the likely position of its pilot, all the while staying in full compliance with FAA regulations.

Utilities and Cables Protection

The data center itself is only one piece of your overall network infrastructure. Miles of underground data cables, numerous access points and support systems such as cooling and power also represent potential targets for attack. Prosegur has developed specialized programs for protecting these extended assets, reducing the risk of downtime and loss of data for your organization.

Incident Response

Developed over 45 years in some of the most challenging security environments across the globe, Prosegur’s incident response is renowned for its speed and effectiveness. Following the mantra “Eyes in the sky, boots on the ground,” Prosegur combines advanced video surveillance and 24/7 security operation center together with our armed or unarmed security agents patrolling in vehicles or on foot to quickly resolve any threat to your facility.

Intelligence and Threat Assessment

Prosegur’s proactive approach to data center protection includes regular security audits as well as intelligence gathering to identify potential threats before they materialize. Our cybersecurity arm also offers a range of protective services, including Red Team advanced services, managed detection and response, as well as cyber intelligence services.

Free Consultation

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