National Contingency Services

On-Demand Security Response

We understand that not every client
will require 24/7 security services.

Prosegur offers Temporary Security Solutions to businesses in need of short-term, emergency, or temporary services. Our team is equipped with dedicated, specially trained Remote Officers at our state-of-the-art iSOC, allowing us to respond and provide efficient security service solutions whenever and wherever they are needed, with most requests fulfilled within 24 hours.

We provide Nationwide coverage, including Canada and Puerto Rico, where and when you need it, whether it is an emergency, one-time event or short-term request.

We understand that security requirements evolve, so we collaborate closely with you to develop tailored solutions that align with your specific needs. Our commitment to transparency means you'll have access to detailed documentation of all records, incidents, and operational tasks, empowering you to make informed decisions for the future.

Response Capabilities

Natural Disasters

  • Addressing security concerns during natural disasters
  • Deterrence of theft and vandalism in the aftermath of events
  • Mitigation of risks in high-threat environments

Workplace Violence Mitigation

  • Armed response agents for enhanced security
  • Rapid risk consulting to address various scenarios
  • Provision of short-term protection services at specific sites

Asset Protection

  • Temporary remote video/alarm response services
  • Provision of protective services during power outages
  • 24/7 surveillance and security services at construction sites

Crisis Management/Civil Unrest

  • Deployment of uniformed security officers (armed/unarmed)
  • Electronic security monitoring services for site surveillance
  • Executive protection services for high-profile individuals

Security System Malfunctions

  • Uniformed security officers to provide temporary coverage
  • Provision of temporary electronic security solutions
  • Consultation and replacement services for technology needs

Additional Short-Term Coverage

  • Security services for holiday shopping and special events
  • Assistance with employee terminations and managing threats
  • Security coverage for corporate conventions and VIP transportation

Case Studies – Same day deployment

Multi-National Tech Company
  • Urgent Request: Multiple requests for unarmed officers and special service support as solution to company’s inability to secure locations with electronic alarming systems.

  • TSS Response: Officers were deployed within a few short hours of the initial request in each case.

National Healthcare Facility
  • Urgent Request: Multiple requests for armed, unarmed and special service support for hurricane response, fire watch and active shooter situations.

  • TSS Response: Officers were deployed within a few short hours of the initial request in each case.

Online Auto Retailer
  • Urgent Request: Armed and unarmed officers to prevent theft and fire watch.

  • TSS Response: Officers were deployed within a few short hours of the initial request in each case.

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