Prosegur Research's latest report details the Security Dynamics that will define 2024

Security Dynamics that will define 2024

Prosegur Research, Prosegur's Insight&Trends, has presented its latest report, The World in 2024, which analyzes the global trends and emerging challenges that will shape the field of security. Applying a model consolidated over three years, the company has broken down five keys to the future that interconnect geopolitics, economics, society, technology and the environment. This approach has made it possible to monitor and discern the predominant risks for this year.

1. Organized crime on the rise. The upward trend of recent years continues, feeding the conventional criminal ecosystem, which through different typologies such as internal fraud, unidentified losses increased fraud affects companies in particular.

2. Geopolitical uncertainty. Disinformation, armed conflicts (which affect some 16% of the world’s population. and with Ukraine/Russia and Israel/Gaza the most notable conflicts), changing roles among global strategic actors (North-South) and elections in more than 70 countries (more than 4. billion people will go to the polls in 2024) and the more than 2.4 million refugees who will need to be resettled (20% more than in 2023), will contribute to creating maximum uncertainty and disorder, meaning companies will have to factor geopolitics into their long-term strategies.

3. Strategic surprises. Rapid technological development brings with it countless business opportunities and is considered an important lever for social change. At the same time, in the current context we increasingly face an everything-as-a-weapon scenario: information, personal data, energy, chips, investments, management of migratory flows, and most worryingly, AI, which will be one of the biggest threats in the coming years.


This year’s report places particular emphasis on the business world. In addition to evaluating the concerns of CEOs from various companies, it provides a thorough analysis of security in different sectors, highlighting their respective challenges and opportunities. From retail, logistics, real estate and finance to industry and energy, the study provides a comprehensive overview of the realities in these areas amid a constantly evolving global context.

The report highlights in detail the retail sector’s challenges in dealing with anti-business crime and how it can adapt to an ever-changing digital marketplace. It also looks at managing supply chains in the face of geopolitical uncertainties and extreme weather events. Real estate faces legal security and risk management issues as more and more people move to cities, while finance and energy will be affected by economic volatility, the need for technological adaptation and the management of risks associated with extreme weather events. Businesses everywhere, in every sector, face the challenge of integrating technological advances while maintaining security in their processes.

José María Blanco, director of Prosegur Research, explains the thinking behind the report: "Our purpose is not to predict the future, but to contribute to making the world a safer place through meticulous analysis and thoughtful reflection. By adopting a multidimensional perspective, we aim to equip companies and leaders with the analytical and conceptual tools necessary to maneuver in a global environment that is as changeable as it is unpredictable."

The report concludes by emphasizing that this analysis represents only one facet of the many variables, trends and players potentially shaping an infinite range of scenarios in today's world. In this context, preparing for 2024 involves finding a balance between rigor and agility while promoting the free flow of ideas among people, who are ultimately the most valuable resource of any organization. It is through talent and innovation that we can master technology and contribute to creating a safer and more prosperous world.