Global Risk Services

Reducing risks. Helping organizations flourish.

Prosegur is renowned for protecting the people, places and profits of our clients in some of the most challenging security environments around the globe.

Protective Services

Tailored solutions to your security needs. We deploy protection agents, create and execute travel risk management plans, including secure transportation and provide support for special events.

Corporate Investigations

Let us find the facts for you. Our experienced team uses the latest investigative techniques and equipment to handle complex matters involving due diligence, workplace violence, theft, fraud and loss.

Global Logistics & Supply Chain

With over 45 years of experience and global reach, Prosegur and its partners offer an unmatched range of protective services for your cargo.

Risk Consulting

Reduce your exposure. Our professionals provide you complete, comprehensive assessments for your facilities, assets and personnel, no matter where they are located.

Risk Operations Center & Intelligence

The information you need, when you need it. Our world-class intelligence analysts and security professionals utilize a state-of-the-art intelligence operations center to gather, monitor, track, alert and provide the information you need.

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About Prosegur

We make the world safer by taking care of people and businesses while remaining at the forefront of innovation. Prosegur is a global security leader operating in 26 countries, with over 160,000 employees and 26 command centers spread around the globe. In the U.S., we offer a range of security services, including global risk services, aviation security, manned guarding, surveillance video systems, remote monitoring and cybersecurity services. We pride ourselves on helping organizations large and small solve their security challenges through technology, teamwork, innovation and relentless customer focus.