Security Solutions for Industrial Facilities

Security Enhanced. Complexity Reduced

industrial security

A 360° Approach to Industrial Security

Protecting people and property in an industrial setting is complex. That's why at Prosegur we invest time to analyze your security needs in a comprehensive manner, emphasizing three areas: overall security, manpower deployed and total budget invested. We then offer recommendations that increase security while also reducing both the costs and the manpower required through a careful combination of technology and human element.

Better Monitoring through Advanced Analytics

Connecting to your CCTV cameras from our 100-person monitoring center in Massachusetts, we can monitor your facilities 24/7/365 more efficiently and cost-effectively than with manned guarding alone. We also deploy advanced video analytics that can be programmed to watch for specific movements inside or outside your facilities, monitor specific vehicles or equipment, and that work equally well day or night.

industrial security
industrial security

Security Officers for Manufacturing Plants, Warehouses, Equipment Yards and Other Locations

"Eyes in the sky, boots on the ground" - Prosegur can provide a total protection plan for any facility by combining video surveillance with manned guarding. Whether it's patrols by vehicle or foot, armed or unarmed, static or mobile, our security officers work according to your protocols and specific needs. Plus, our security guards are trained not just in security, but also in CPR, first aid and other skills useful in an industrial setting.

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