Integrated Security Means Better Security

Prosegur’s unique blend of people, processes and technology means stronger security that’s easier to manage.

People Who Care

Security starts and ends with people. That’s why Prosegur places the highest emphasis on hiring, training and retaining the best security professionals, the ones that you will feel proud to see guarding your people, places and assets.

Connected Processes

Siloed security is not good security. Prosegur has pioneered the process-building approach that enables different parts of your security program to stay connected and synchronized while giving you better transparency and control enterprise-wide.

High Tech that Works

Prosegur is known as the innovation leader, but that’s not what’s important. What matters is our focus on deploying the most advanced technology that truly strengthens your security, helps you mitigate risks easier, and makes it simpler to manage it all.

Global and Local

With over 160,000 associates in 26 countries, and 45 years of experience, Prosegur puts at your disposal the resources of a global security leader, while at the same time offering a deep knowledge of your local market. Talk to us today and let’s make your security program stronger together.

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Why Companies Trust Prosegur

We see our job as making the world safer by taking care of people and businesses while remaining at the forefront of innovation. We are a global security leader operating in 26 countries, with over 160,000 employees and 26 command centers spread around the world. We offer a range of security services, including remote monitoring , patrol service, manned guarding, surveillance video systems and cybersecurity services. But what we pride ourselves on the most is helping organizations large and small solve their security challenges through technology, teamwork, innovation and relentless customer focus. Contact us today to learn more, and let’s join forces in making your organization more secure.