Event-Based Monitoring

If Something Happens, We See it and Stop it, Fast

Smart video surveillance systems use analytic software to look for specific movements (such as a human shape vs. an animal, or an activity in a specific area), then send a notification to the iSOC Security Operations Center. Our monitoring agents investigate via live video link to determine the cause of the alarm. We react according to the client-specified procedure, which may include addressing the intruder or the trespasser via live audio, notifying on-location security personnel, or dispatching the appropriate authorities.

How Event-Based Monitoring Works

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Step 1

An alarm signal is generated from a monitored site and received at iSOC Security Operations Center.

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Step 2

Prosegur security agent processes the signal and visually verifies the cause of the alarm. If any suspicious or criminal activity is seen, the client’s script and protocols are followed. This could involve conducting audio announcements, known as “voice-downs,” asking intruders to leave, or simply monitoring the situation via live video while the next steps are carried through.

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Step 3

If necessary, Prosegur monitoring agent will contact the on-site security personnel, Prosegur Dynamic Guarding unit, or law enforcement. Our monitoring agents remain on the line with police or with on-site security as long as needed to help guide them to the scene.

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Step 4

All activity is documented in a detailed incident report, which includes the narrative as well as still images captured from the surveillance video. Events that do not result in incidents are also documented. iSOC Security Operations Center provides customized reporting to meet each client's specific needs.

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