Professional Security Guard Service

  Security solutions for your safety and protection. 

From one location to many, from one officer to a team of hundreds

Prosegur's security guards redefine safety and professionalism. With unmatched expertise and unwavering commitment, our security guards ensure the safety and security of your premises. Trust Prosegur for comprehensive security solutions. 

security guards

Your Security Needs First

Understanding your organization's distinct security demands is our priority. Our dedicated team invests substantial time and resources to ensure a thorough comprehension of your requirements before devising a tailored security guard service strategy

Through a meticulous evaluation of your security procedures, we create an efficient, flexible, transparent, and budget-friendly security solution

A Team of Professional Security Officers on Your Side

Our security guard management comprises seasoned professionals with significant experience in private and government security roles.  

Our front-line personnel not only meet state and federal training requirements but also adhere to our stringent standards in various specialized fields, including fire safety, crowd and riot control, media engagement, and other emergency scenarios. 

security guards
security guards

Our security guard service means commitment to quality from day one

With Prosegur, you get a dedicated and committed Quality Assurance and Training director who will focus on your security program, assuring a desire to continually excel in the performance of their duties as professional security guards.   

Our management team will continuously monitor your guarding security program to ensure adaptability to changing security risks, and that we employ the most advanced and cost-effective services available.

Benefits of Prosegur’s Security Service Guards

  • Armed or unarmed security officers
  • Personnel and vehicle escorts
  • Access control and parcel inspection
  • Concierge, front desk and doorman services
  • EMT, first aid and AED trained officers
  • Special events security
  • Crowd and traffic control
  • Mobile vehicle patrol
  • X-ray screening (personal and property)
  • Contingency planning

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