Prosegur Watchtower Mobile Video Surveillance

Monitor Your Assets Anywhere, from Anywhere

Prosegur Watchtower combines high resolution cameras, video analytics, network connectivity and audio capabilities into one easy-to-deploy package.

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prosegur watchtower

Quick to Deploy Quick ROI

Prosegur Watchtower is designed to provide better real-time monitoring and protection than traditional security approaches alone: Remote agents can easily monitor your site, address any intruders via live audio, and all footage is stored in the cloud for review and reporting.

Key Benefits

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Remote Monitoring 24/7

Our highly-trained monitoring agents conduct regular virtual patrols of your site using live video feed, and can verify and respond to alarms.

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Audio Intervention & Deterrence

Prosegur’s monitoring agents can make live announcements to intruders, deterring them from your property often without involving the police.

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View Live or Recorded Video

Know what is happening at your site – each time an event alarm is triggered, you will receive an email alert with a screenshot. We can also send you a short video clip on request, and you will receive a weekly and monthly summary.

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Advanced Analytics

Pre-loaded onto cameras, our advanced analytics suite offers sophisticated motion detection from up to 1,800 feet away, geo-fencing, tampering detection and other features.

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Easy-to-Use Dashboard

Check on the status of the system 24/7, view estimated battery life based on live weather data, and download customizable reports.

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Quick Deployment Anywhere in the U.S.

Prosegur Watchtower can be shipped and set up at any location, including remote sites, in a matter of days.

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Live Support That Never Closes

Our state-of-the art Command Center is staffed by over 100 highly trained security agents who are available to take your call any time.

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One Affordable Monthly Cost

We provide simple monthly billing that covers all aspects of the service, including equipment rental, maintenance, monitoring and more.

Need More Flexibility?

Consider Prosegur Watchtower Flex!

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Fully Customizable. Install Almost Anywhere

Watchtower Flex is easily mounted on a wall, pole or almost any another surface, indoors or outdoors. Plus, you can choose the set of cameras and analytics that suit your needs the best!

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