Security solutions for the retail sector

  Tailored solutions for ultimate protection.

Safety solutions for retail environments

Prosegur offers highly effective EAS solutions compatible with AM, RF, and RFID technologies. Our solutions provide quick and seamless deployment while accommodating a wide range of budgets dedicated to loss prevention. We ensure the flexibility you need to protect your assets effectively

Our EAS security solutions

EAS security tags play a pivotal role in Prosegur's asset protection solutions. Our extensive selection of these tags guarantees robust security for your merchandise. Rely on the effectiveness of our security solutions for retails and safeguard your assets. 


Designed to provide effective asset protection, minimizing losses in retail environments.  


Security for shops with these systems equipped with cutting-edge technology that enhances the protection of merchandise. 


EAS stickers blend seamlessly with merchandise while providing a robust theft deterrent. 


Indispensable tools that streamline the removal of EAS tags, ensuring a smooth and efficient customer experience. 

Security solutions for shops

eas tags and systems

Need it Now? We Have It

We are known for super-quick shipping anywhere in the U.S., and if we happen to not have the particular item you need, our product specialists can probably locate it for you quicker than anyone else

Flexibility built-in with every EAS security tags and systems

Our system security adapts to any manufacturer, bringing a comprehensive security. Prosegur's EAS security tags and systems easily integrate with solutions from various manufacturers.  

eas tags and systems
eas tags and systems

Hard-to-Find Legacy EAS Systems, EAS Tags and Other Equipment

Prosegur is unique in that we buy back EAS security tags and equipment of any brand and model, refurbish them, and re-sell them with our famous warranty. Even decades-old stuff? We probably have it. 

Budget-Saving Services for Modern Loss Prevention Teams

We can take your EAS security tag detachers and deactivators, refurbish them, and store them for you in our warehouse until you are ready to use them again. Really like an old system no one else carries anymore? We’ll find it for you.  

eas tags and systems
eas tags and systems

Proudly serving security for shops since 1987

For over 33 years, we've been dedicated supporters of retail loss prevention teams, starting as BSI and later joining Prosegur. Our roots in sourcing and providing cost-effective EAS security tags and systems instilled in us the values of thrift, adaptability, and efficiency, all while ensuring effective shrink prevention tools.  

Today, as a four-billion-dollar global company with a renowned R&D department, we remain committed to and passionate about the retail security solutions.

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