Video Monitoring Service

  Robust asset protection, prioritizing your safety.

Be everywhere at once with video monitoring

Prosegur designed remote monitoring to ensure a high-level coverage of video monitoring of your business.  

It combines advanced remote surveillance cameras, video analytic software, and live monitoring with our highly trained security guards, providing a better security range of your buildings, lots, or remote locations than traditional guarding can usually accomplish.  

remote monitoring

Video Monitoring = Virtual Patrols 24/7 

Connecting to your CCTV surveillance security cameras from our 100-person monitoring center in Massachusetts, we conduct detailed patrols of your facilities 24/7/365.  

Our agents will watch your cameras, move those with PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) capability, and address any unwanted activity, documenting it with a thorough report. 

Audio Intervention for security

Sometimes you can get an extra intervention to remote security to stop or prevent an act of vandalism or property disruption.  

For sites with audio announcement capability, our monitoring agents can make live announcements to any person trespassing or exhibiting other unwanted behavior. These “voice-downs” have been proven highly effective at stopping intruders without involving the police.  

remote monitoring
remote monitoring

Extra services included on remote monitoring

False alarms are a nuisance not just for companies who experience them but for local police forces too.  

A benefit of Prosegur remote monitoring is the ability to visually verify alarms via live remote surveillance video before dispatching on-site security guards or calling law enforcement.

Easy management of Prosegur virtual monitoring

Using our remote surveillance cameras technology, we can manage access control for any type of facility.  

It includes checking in visitors and vendors using video verification, handling key-fob systems, receiving alarms for secured doors and areas, and more.  

remote monitoring
remote monitoring

Video analytics to boost perimeter protection

We provide savvier perimeter protection by identifying potential intruders before they try to enter your facility. 

We can also set up a geofence so that your surveillance security cameras watch for movements in a specific part of the facility or a due direction. We keep threatening elements under control thanks to our integrated security systems. 

Remote Video Monitoring Customized for Your Needs

Prosegur wants to provide you with a custom-tailored security solution for your needs, your properties, your businesses, and your budget. 

That’s why we design our remote monitoring solutions with your specific location and challenges in mind, following your security policies.  

remote monitoring

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