Client Success Stories

Client Success Stories

Strengthening the Security Team for a Class A Office Complex

A Class A office complex with multiple high rise office buildings and parking structures was suffering from inconsistent staffing and vacant security posts. Since this increased security risks and negatively impacted tenant relations, the management needed to solve the problem quickly.

Drastically Reducing Break-Ins at Auto Storage Yards

A company with more than 150 auto storage yards throughout the U.S. was seeking improved security for their highest-risk sites. With extremely large sites (over 80 acres each) and thousands of cars, the perimeters were too large to be monitored effectively with traditional guarding services alone.

Helping Improve Security at a Power Plant

A client managing a coal-burning power plant and a secondary hydroelectric operation in the Mid-Atlantic region faced a long list of potential risks that required the site to be secured 24/7. The client was spending over $700,000 each year on its security, but wanted a more efficient and cost-effective program.